Our Workshops and Training

Here is an intro to our selection of workshops

"Living Tantra 1 - To live with passion, presence & love”
for singles & couples7days
Next dates: 23rd-30th of July at EarthSpirit Centre (Somerset),
13th-20th of August at Florence House (near Brighton),
15th-22nd of October at Eden Rise Retreat Venue (Devon, England)

Living Tantra gives you permission to enjoy pleasure. It also gives you the permission to say 'no'. Allow your spirit to connect with your body, give yourself a truly holistic experience which can set the tone and pace of your future sexual self! read more

"Living Tantra 2 - Heart-centred ecstasy: The erotic, the playful and the sensual”
Prerequisite "Living Tantra 1"
Next date: 12th-18th of November at EarthSpirit Centre (Somerset)

It is an exploration into pleasure and ecstasy, shame and innocence, encouraging you to embrace the fullness of your nature as man or woman, fully engaged with body, heart, mind and spirit. Your boundaries will be respected at all times and you will be encouraged to bring conscious awareness to respecting both your own feelings and boundaries and the boundaries and feelings of others, re-inforcing the learnings of Living Tantra 1. read more

"Living Tantra 3 - Intimacy, Authentic Relating & Love"
Prerequisite "Living Tantra 1"
Next date: 25th June to 1st July at EarthSpirit Centre (Somerset)

"Living Tantra 3" is an invitation to learn the "intimate dance of presence" and to see this dance in yourself, with your partner and in the space between you both. read more

Living Tantra 4 - Love, Sex & God - sacred Spirituality
Prerequisite "Living Tantra 1"
Next date: 22nd-29th of October at EarthSpirit Centre (Somerset)

"Living Tantra 4" is a celebration of the sacred, the connection with "divine mystery" that happens when we allow ourselves to trust fully in the flow of our body, our energies, our heart, and our soul. The processes invite you into communion with life, moment by moment, so that every touch, every word, every movement is a dance with the “Beloved". read more

"Living Tantra Training"- 2021/2022
singles & couples18 monthprerequisite: Living Tantra 1
Next date: 23rd September 2021 to 28th November 2022 at EarthSpirit Centre (Somerset)

The training is for people who want a rich experience of personal and spiritual growth in a closed circle of people so that depth of exploration, relationship, trust and support can grow over time. read more

"Advanced Living Tantra Group"
Prerequisite: Living Tantra Training
Next dates: 14th-16th of May- online only,
6th-10th of October at EarthSpirit Centre (Somerset)

The aim of this "Advanced Living Tantra Group” is to create a space in which each person can dive deeper into themselves continuing on from the "Living Tantra Training". read more

Inviting Intimacy
single & couples
Next date: 6th-8th of August at Clifton, Bristol (Bristol)

To be intimate with others we must first become intimate with ourselves ! read more

Couples Workshop: "The Mirror of the Heart"
For couples
Next date: 10th-13th of June at EarthSpirit Centre (Somerset)

This is a challenging time for everyone no matter whether they are single or in a couple. For couples the challenges shine a spotlight on issues that may have been able to be overlooked for many years. read more

"Meetings Without Masks"
singles only1 day event
Next date: 7th of November at The Light Centre (London)

Get to take your mask off and share the real you. Whether you meet your soul mate or not, it is a great opportunity to enjoy, and maybe risk, being a little ( or a lot ! ) more intimate and human and alive. And you will learn vital tools that will help you to create the meaningful relationships you really want in your life. The day includes mind, body, heart and soul, alongside humour and tenderness, dancing, laughter and play. read more

"Passion, Power & Love - NewYear Workshop with Jan and team"
Singles & couplesFeature an exclusive Kirtan singing and concert with Babaji Temple singers.
Next date: 28th December 2021 to 3rd January 2022 at EarthSpirit Centre (Somerset)

Our annual New Year celebration workshop - Renewal, Integration, Inspiration & Celebration - a careful and heartful adventure into conscious relationships, deep intimacy and love of life. read more