"Passion, Power & Love - NewYear Workshop with Jan and team" - 28th December 2024 to 2nd January 2025 EarthSpirit Centre, Somerset - Led by Jan Day & Frieder Fischer

About Jan Day and teachers
who have trained with Jan Day

Jan DayJan Day

Living Tantra teacher, relationship expert and psycho-spiritual teacher, Jan Day has been teaching and leading workshops in Europe and Hawaii since 1999. She brings extraordinary warmth and compassion to her work in groups, with individuals and with couples focussing on intimacy, sexuality, self-love and growing consciousness. She creates a learning environment where people can get a vital education in communicating effectively, creating authentic intimate long-lasting relationships, understanding themselves and their sexual nature and how to find a warm hearted and healthy expression of their sensual nature.

Jan Day brings to her teaching a deep understanding and a warm appreciation for people’s need to find and to trust their own unique journeys into being.

Jan’s life and work have been influenced by both Eastern and Western spiritual teachers. She was a sanyassin of Osho for 15 years.

Over a period of 20 years Jan trained and then taught with Alan Lowen, founder of _The Art of Being®. The Living Tantra series of workshops that she offers is based on the Body, Heart & Soul_® series created by Alan.

She has also been influenced by and/or worked with Jack Kornfield, David Deida, Ron Kurtz, Ken Wilber, Genpo Roshi, Thomas Hübl and Ammachi.

Jan now lives in England with her husband Frieder, who co-leads sections of the workshops and brings his own magic.

Phone: +44-208-123 9831
Email: office@janday.com
Website: www.janday.com

Frieder FischerFrieder Fischer

Frieder Fischer is Jan’s husband. He teaches alongside her bringing the balance of male energy into Living Tantra. Frieder recognises for himself and continues to work through all the challenges there are to living as an authentic, compassionate and loving man.

He has specialised in working with men and bringing the magic of music to the workshops. He encourages men “to express their own truth”, “develop a capacity to comfort anxiety”, “take responsibility” and “learn to feel other people”.

He brings to the workshops meditation, drumming, music and dancing.

Phone: +44-208-123 9831
Email: office@janday.com
Website: www.janday.com

Nicola FosterNicola Foster

Nicola is a relationship and intimacy therapist and teacher. She began learning about love and relationships with Jan in 2011 and now teaches workshops as part of the School of Being faculty. Her expertise is helping men and women to create, build, repair and deepen their intimate relationships. She also offers online coaching and therapy and co-hosts the ‘Intimacy Matters’ podcast.

Nicola says “When I first began learning about relationships with Jan I had very little idea about how to be relational. I was caught up in my own fears, projections, prejudices and doubts. As I became more conscious in my relationship choices, I came to see the unique differences and beauty in other people. I learned how to be more present and more sensitive. I now love to help others to find more self-esteem, confidence and joy in all their relationships.

Phone: 07813 125 587
Email: nicola.foster@gmail.com
Website: https://www.realrelating.com

Bethan EvansBethan Evans

School of Being teacher, Certified Shadow Work coach and Alexander Technique teacher;

Since 2009 Bethan has been holding groups and individuals in their explorations with empathy and acceptance.

She invites you to welcome yourself exactly as you are in each moment as a starting point for opening to your full self.

During a first career in the helping professions Bethan was drawn to Alexander Technique and later to Shadow Work and Tantra, all of which helped her deal with personal challenges such as bereavement, depression and a sense of not belonging.

Over time she has trained and practiced as an Alexander Technique teacher, a Shadow Work coach and with renowned relationship expert Jan Day in her School of Being.
She continues to study with Jan Day and with Joanna Watters (“Supporting a radical acceptance of present moment reality”)

Phone: 07515-482 426
Email: Bethan@TechniqueForLife.com
Website: www.techniqueforlife.com

Ed RookeEd Rooke

Ed’s passion is helping people to reconnect with lost parts of their soul nature, so that they can open to the freedom and power of being truly themselves. His own healing journey was catalysed 15 years ago when a transformation of his own emotional blocks allowed him to recover from a chronic illness. Not only did his health return, but he found life more connected and richer than it had been before his illness. Experiencing this shift has led Ed to help others heal their emotional wounds, and to reconnect with their natural vitality.

After completing his doctorate in Psychology, Ed trained in Hypnotherapy, Generative Coaching and Shadow Work. The roots of his work lie in the depths of his fascination with meditation that complement and enhances his formal training. Woven together with a non-judgmental sensitivity and presence, his approach is both gentle and powerfully transformative.

Ed’s therapeutic work includes a range of workshops for men, based on the Jungian Archetypes, and several workshops for mixed groups focused on the themes of connection, intimacy and shadow. Ed is part of Jan Day's School of Being faculty and co-leads several Living Tantra workshops. Alongside his workshops, he has a private coaching practice based in Bristol, Glastonbury and Online.

Phone: Contact: Rachel (workshop coordinator) 07515 482 426
Email: info@workshopcoordinator.com
Website: www.edrooke.com

Jason PorthouseJason Porthouse

Jason has been studying with Jan Day since 2018. He's a fellow School of Being teacher and is passionate about the importance of conscious relationships and the transformations they can bring. Jason is also a qualified Spiritual Companion, having studied with Dr. William Bloom on the only accredited course in Practical Spirituality and Wellness in the UK, and has completed the Integral Relationship training with Martin Ucik.

Email: jasonporthouse@icloud.com

Joao MarJoao Mar

João was born and raised in Portugal and has lived in the UK for 15 years. After many years as a university teacher in African Literatures, he started a spiritual journey towards personal freedom and happiness and soon realised that his passion and calling lay elsewhere. He left the academic world and quickly took a deep dive in the world of tantra and sacred sexuality. He did his "Living Tantra Training" with Jan Day at the School of Being in 2013/14 and has since complemented this experience with further work with different teachers and trainings. His passion is to share his teachings with a holistic approach, which helps others to reach their full potential in different aspects of their lives. He uses tantra and conscious sexuality (workshops and private coaching sessions) to support people and empower them to unblock everything that prevents them from being in touch with their true essence and universal love. Most of all, he provides people with the tools to clear their own paths for healing, growth, authenticity, freedom, vitality, pleasure and happiness… always with compassion and integrity.

Phone: +351 932875173
Email: joao.mar@yahoo.com

Karis MaeKaris Mae

Karis is a group facilitator, cuddle enthusiast, and connection nerd. Her passion is to get to the heart of being human; to dive into the depths of relating where authenticity and vulnerability meet. Her realness, groundedness and warmth infuse her offerings on conscious relating, sexuality, self-love and embodied consent. When we are in touch with the exquisite aliveness of being human, in all our joys and messiness and vulnerability, and we dare to reveal ourselves to others, then true intimacy can unfold. Karis has trained with intimacy teacher Jan Day, consent teacher Matthias Schwenteck and is currently undertaking a trauma-informed facilitation training ‘The Field’. Her spiritual and personal development path has been touched by many modalities and teachings over the last 13 years, including yoga, tantra, meditation, satsang, radical honesty, consent, embodiment, dance and authentic relating.

Phone: +46 724426536 
Email: karis@karismae.com

Sarah MaughanSarah Maughan

Sarah initially trained in psychology and has worked in education as a researcher, a developer and as a group facilitator.  She has followed a personal and spiritual development journey for the last 12 years, focusing on making connections with herself, and on intimacy and relating with others.  As part of this journey Sarah trained with and assisted Jan Day for over 10 years.  Having left her full-time role two years ago, Sarah is bringing together the two different aspects of her life: her expertise and experience with learning, development and group facilitation, and her interest and trainings in intimacy, relationship and connection.

Email: maughan.sarah@googlemail.com