"Passion, Power & Love - NewYear Workshop with Jan and team" - 28th December 2024 to 2nd January 2025 EarthSpirit Centre, Somerset - Led by Jan Day & Frieder Fischer


"“My relationship with myself has blossomed into a love affair and I have learned to be deeply authentic in my dealings, which is changing my life path into something I am longing for. As a result of all this I have also attracted a beautiful, honest and authentic relationship with a significant other whilst holding on to myself and my needs.”

- Ch. M. (female)

"During the 18 month Living Tantra Training I learned & embodied how to be a whole human being. Messy & divine mixed into one.

- (female)

"“I feel fully alive, fully in my feminine, fully in my sexual power and fully in my life energy.”

- (female)

"Where l was… Frightened, shut down, lost… Disconnected from life & self Where l’ve arrived… Reconnecting with self & feeling My pleasure!! Been transformative, a wonderful life changing journey of self discovery… Ever grateful to Jan, Frieder & my tribe

- (female)

"As I look back at what I’d hoped to get out of the Living Tantra Training, I realise that almost all of my hopes have been met. I’m better at recognising and communicating what I really feel, like and dislike. I’m better able to receive pleasure. I have almost entirely healed a sense of discomfort and shame about my body. I have a stronger felt-sense of the Divine within and have discovered tingling energies inside my body that are delicious. And I have more confidence that I won’t unconsciously send out ‘Leave me alone!’ signals or lose myself in a relationship. I can honour my own and other’s boundaries and have a better understanding of what is my part to do and where I need to step back to leave space for the other to do theirs.

- (female)

"“Going on the Living Tantra training helped me stop binge eating, over-con- trolling things, add more pleasures to my day-to-day life, feel very confident around men and women, discover a completely different approach to sexual- ity and living my desires in general. It’s helped my partner and I discover and practice ways of communicating and playing together that mean that we both feel completely intimate and at ease together, and loved for who we are. I am so much kinder to myself and understanding of my own sensitivities and needs, as well as others.

- J.H.” (male)

""For me, the Living Tantra Training represented many things simultaneously: a school of embodied and lived philosophy, a love island for the authentic, a gym for emotional intelligence, a family of radical acceptance, a retreat for healing and growth. It provided an answer to a couple of dozen personal and existential questions I had grappled with throughout my life, like a mathematical theory that solves a dozen problems with one neat and nifty equation. Most of my life was spent exchanging the reality of my experience and my aliveness for the deadening incorporation of the "other". Through touch, breathwork, love, acceptance, and community, LTT helped me be alive again, and see the world through fresh eyes, as if I was born again "

- (male)

""I came to Living Tantra Training because I felt a part of me was missing, that I could be more than I was. In LTT I have grown whole, learnt to accept and love. I have discovered there is so much more to life than I even dared imagine. Now, I can, I am exploring!"

- (Julian)

"“This 18 month Living Tantra Training has healed many wounds and gently and persistently I was loved back together again.”

- (male)

"“Before going on Living Tantra my life had become devoid of meaning, lacklustre and very lonely. I had given up on hope of a relationship and on my life as a sexual woman. I regained a huge appetite for life, the strength and support to follow my heart’s desires (I radically change all aspects of my life, career, geographical location and lifestyle), I learnt about how to love, how to accept being loved, to be more truly and authentically myself, how to set healthy boundaries with others, how to accept others for whom they are and how to accept life on life’s terms. I made some deep connections with a sup- portive like-minded group of friends.”

- S (female)

"“Living Tantra reached parts of me that nothing else has come near. I am the fuller man for it. Living Tantra allowed me to pass through stages of sexual initiation and development that I had not experienced as an adolescent. I began to understand myself and my thwarted drives. Now, instead of a slow wind-down into passivity and death, I now find myself challenged – and able - to live with an embodied intensity. I am now in a relationship with a fellow tantrika, and together we expand and explore the skills and awareness the Living Tantra has opened up for us both.”

- R (male)