●“Living Tantra 1 - "To live with passion, presence & love” 18-25 Feb & 28 March - 4 April (Easter) both in Somerset - Led by Jan Day & Frieder Fischer

**"Passion, Power & Love"**
New Year Workshop with Jan and Frieder

"I’ve done it many times and absolutely LOVE it! A fab way to spend New Year! Highly recommended" (SB)

"This is the ultimate way to spend the New Year. Full of friendship and self growth. Nothing better." (SW)

Thursday, 28th December (6pm) 2023 - Tuesday, 2nd January (2pm) 2024, EarthSpirit Centre, Somerset, UK

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New Year is a very powerful window of time in the midst of winter to take stock of our life. It gives us a chance to integrate and find completion with what has gone before as well as tap into inspiration and inner purpose for the coming year. There will be opportunities for connection as well as quiet times to bask in the nourishment and encouragement that we give each other in these circles of being.

During this workshop we do a powerful backtracking exercise as well as forward visioning.

Total price:
including course fee, standard food & standard accommodation and hot tub is £970 including VAT until 28th November 2023 £1070 including VAT after 28th November 2023


Take a peek inside our workshops

Jan's workshops offer a safe and nourishing space where you can explore the essence of human relationships.

You'll be able to:
  • Meet and connect with others in a caring, respectful environment
  • Learn to sense into your own boundaries and learn to express them
  • Learn to ask for what you want
  • Learn to communicate authentically
  • Find beauty in physical intimacy
  • Learn to say no with love
  • Discover different types of touch
  • Allow yourself to be seen. loved and nurtured Discover how to be intimate, the key to successful relationships
  • Learn to befriend the life of your feelings and develop empathy

The meetings, guided processes, meditations, dance and circlework enable you to grow and explore at your own pace in a playful and supportive learning environment.

Jan's workshops are for everybody who wants to learn to experience a deeper relationship with themselves, with the people they meet and with Spirit.

The workshops encourage you to be fully alive and present in your body, your feelings, your sexual nature, your heart, your being and your soul.

You learn to embrace and understand your feelings and find a deeper friend-ship with yourself that builds confidence and self-esteem.

You learn to connect with your own deep source of wisdom as you develop the capacity to listen both to yourself and others.

You learn to appreciate the richness of all the gifts that life brings you, letting go of conditions and judgements.

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About Jan Day

Jan Day

Relationship expert and tantra teacher, Jan Day has been teaching since 1999. She brings extraordinary warmth and compassion to her work in groups, with individuals and with couples focussing on intimacy, sexuality and self-love. In her one-day singles workshop she enables participants to gently explore what they would like in their love relationships and how they can learn to have the confidence to step forward and create the relationships they desire.

She creates a learning environment where people can get a vital education in communicating effectively, creating authentic intimate long-lasting relationships, understanding their sexual nature and how to find a warm hearted and healthy expression of their sensual nature.

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"Finding Jan and this work is like discovering a diamond in the coalmine of life"

- Tom S

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