Living Tantra 1 - To live with passion, presence & love - 3-10 March, Seaford near Brighton & 6-13 April, EarthSpirit Centre, Somerset - Let by Jan Day & Frieder Fischer

Living Tantra 4 - Love, Sex & God - sacred Sexuality

"Living Tantra 4" is a celebration of the sacred, the connection with "divine mystery" that happens when we allow ourselves to trust fully in the flow of our body, our energies, our heart, and our soul. The processes invite you into communion with life, moment by moment, so that every touch, every word, every movement is a dance with the “Beloved".

Prerequisite "Living Tantra 1"
Living Tantra 4 - Love, Sex & God - sacred Sexuality

Upcoming dates

13th-19th of October with Jan Day, Frieder Fischer at EarthSpirit Centre (Somerset). View details

During this workshop your soul can experience and realise that wherever you turn, there is harmony, beauty and love. Regardless if something looks ugly or beautiful, its intrinsic loving quality transcends all appearance.

Some feedback about LT4

"an enormous sense of gratitude to you, my fellow beloved, and the universe that allowed me to unfold parts of of myself, revealing their power and importance to me in an almost shamanic way. And at the same time I experienced an extraordinary ordinariness, an honest openness, a quality of friendliness within myself and between myself and others, and I witnessed it in others.This deeply touched my heart and allowed my body to come to a place of deep rest." HD

"now i know what is meant by connecting to one's spirit! the healing experiences I've received during this last week with you have been softly immense. The image that comes to mind strongest is of healing the split between my sex, my nature with the universe and stars. The longing that I have for truly letting go and trusting people, I have lived and experienced with you. In my way, I have been as total, as present and as loving with you as I hope to ever be." SN

"I recognised more clearly than ever that the deeper i go into being authentic, the more it hurts when i am not, even when the inauthenticity is subtle and momentary.”KL