Living Tantra 1 - To live with passion, presence & love - 3-10 March, Seaford near Brighton & 6-13 April, EarthSpirit Centre, Somerset - Let by Jan Day & Frieder Fischer

"Living Tantra 3 - Intimacy, Authentic Relating & Love"

"Living Tantra 3" is an invitation to learn the "intimate dance of presence" and to see this dance in yourself, with your partner and in the space between you both.

Prerequisite "Living Tantra 1"
"Living Tantra 3 - Intimacy, Authentic Relating & Love"

Upcoming dates

23rd-29th of June with Jan Day, Frieder Fischer at EarthSpirit Centre (Somerset). View details

"Living Tantra 3" blows your understanding wide open and deepens your awareness of love and what it means to be in relationship with yourself and with a woman or a man.

You will be encouraged in different exercises and processes to take things slowly, experience the deliciousness of the moment and at the same time notice what you are giving your attention to.