"Passion, Power & Love - NewYear Workshop with Jan and team" - 28th December 2024 to 2nd January 2025 EarthSpirit Centre, Somerset - Led by Jan Day & Frieder Fischer

"Advanced Living Tantra Group"

The aim of this "Advanced Living Tantra Group” is to create a space in which each person can dive deeper into themselves continuing on from the "Living Tantra Training".

Prerequisite: Living Tantra Training
"Advanced Living Tantra Group"

Upcoming dates

The aim of the "Advanced Living Tantra Group” (ALTG 6)

  • ALTG 6 is series of three 3-day seminars
    18-21 May, 5-8 October 2023 & 29 February - 3 March 2024

(led by Jan Day & Frieder Fischer)

is to create an ongoing space in which each person can dive deeper into connection, intimacy and touch

continuing on from your "Living Tantra Training"


Be actively part of our wider "Living Tantra Community"

(so far we are not planning to offer an ALTG 7 in 2024-25)

Suggestions for themes we would like to offer on ALTG 6 are:**

exploring the impact of our attachment patterns in relationship, work with the inner judge & shame, learning to self-regulate and manage our nervous system effectively. We also welcome your requests for topics you would like to explore or re-visit.

And of course we will also continue in each of the three seminars to explore, play and learn around intimacy and touch. Every evening is reserved for connection and touch.

In the last Advanced Living Tantra Group (ALTG 5) we worked with:

Feeling safe and letting go of defensiveness, what we do in response to shame and how it holds us back, how we use anger and other patterns to cover up our pain. It became clear that many people needed to finding their own "loving parent" and to make contact with the "inner child" & "inner teenager" who needed their love . The explorations that emerged from this were powerful and profoundly relevant to our relationships and daily life.

Content and structure of the "Advanced Living Tantra Group” happens by Jan adjusting to the themes of the group and the issues people bring to the circle as well as new topics that she feels important to introduce. The strength of this group is that we all start together with a shared background in the LT training which gives a more relaxed and trusting level of connection with each other. This enables people to feel safer and more able to open to deep exploration and for this reason the Advanced Living Tantra Group is able to facilitate a deep healing and opening.

Other themes we have focused on so far and may revisit are:

patterns and structures of personality, opening to Essence, dealing with anger & power, becoming aware of the instinctual drives in our body centre and learning to balance them and be nourished by them, deep meditation and awareness of subtle sensations and energies in our body temple, balancing the three centres (body, heart & mind), introducing higher heart centre and higher mind centre and exploring our attitudes to money.

And the themes will continue to emerge in response to the group.

The new dates are:

To keep the prices lower to make this series as accessible as possible, we have reduced the number of days for each seminar from 4 to 3. This also means we can meet more frequently.

Advanced Living Tantra Group (ALTG 6) at EarthSpirit Centre, Somerset
18-21 May 2023

5-8 October 2023

29 February - 3 March 2024

The course fee will be reduced to £840. (£280 for each of the three seminars)

ALTG 6 is a series of 3 seminars and when you book you are committing to attend all 3. If you know that there is one day or seminar that you are unable to attend, please ask us as it may still be possible for you to sign up.

The food & accommodation (prices adjusted to new prices from EarthSpirit)

Food & accommodation for each of the seminars is £310 for standard food & accommodation. This is total of £930.

(Room upgrade are possible see for details attached booking form.)

This is total for the "Advanced Living Tantra Group (ALTG 6) 2023/24”:

£1770 (including VAT) = course fee £840 plus standard dorm room and food at EarthSpirit for all three seminars £930

You secure your place by paying the deposit of £310 and returning the completed booking form.