"Passion, Power & Love" - New Year Workshop with Jan & Frieder 28th Dec 2021 - 2nd 2022

"Advanced Living Tantra Group"

The aim of this "Advanced Living Tantra Group” is to create a space in which each person can dive deeper into themselves continuing on from the "Living Tantra Training".

Prerequisite: Living Tantra Training
"Advanced Living Tantra Group"

Upcoming dates

6th-10th of October with Jan Day, Frieder Fischer at EarthSpirit Centre (Somerset). View details

23rd February to 9th October with Jan Day, Frieder Fischer at EarthSpirit Centre (Somerset). View details

Content and structure of the "Advanced Living Tantra Group” happens by Jan adjusting to the themes of the group and the issues people bring to the circle as well as new topics that she feels important to introduce. The strength of this group is that we all start together from a more relaxed and trusting level of connection with each other because everyone has completed the Living Tantra Training. This enables people to feel safer and more able to open to deep exploration and for this reason the Advanced Living Tantra Group is able to facilitate a deep healing and opening.

Themes we have focused on so far and will revisit are:

patterns and structures of personality, opening to Essence, dealing with anger & power, becoming aware of the instinctual drives in our body centre and learning to balance them and be nourished by them, polarity wisdom, Transcendental parts work.

We expect to be working more with deep meditation and awareness of subtle sensations and energies in our body temple, balancing the three centres (body, heart & mind), introducing higher heart centre and higher mind centre, exploring prayer and exploring our attitudes to money. And the themes will continue to emerge in response to the group so nothing is fixed in stone.

"Tantra says don’t fight with yourself. Just be aware. Don’t be aggressive and violent with yourself. Just be a witness, a watcher … In the moment of witnessing you are not human. You simply are. You exist without any label, you exist without any name. You exist without any category. You are, without being anyone in particular - a simple am-ness, a pure being.” Osho

“Accept your authentic being and you will be transformed. Remember: the ability to accept, a total acceptance, is the most secret of tantra. Don’t reject anything. Through rejection you will be crippled ” Osho